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The tech industry has a lot of terminologies, both the everyday terms and more technical and less used terms. Here are some tech terms you most likely have not come across. 1.   Metadata: Metadata simply means information about information. To further explain, it is data that’s described in something like a web page, document, or file. Metadata is ‘behind-the-scenes’ data that is used in a variety of ways by everyone in every business. Information systems, social media, websites, software, music services, and online retailing all use it. There are around five different types of Metadata and they include: i.    Descriptive Metadata: Descriptive metadata gives information about a digital object’s intellectual content. The resource identifier, which uniquely identifies the object, is the most significant component of descriptive metadata. Title, author, publication date, subject, publisher, and description are some of the other descriptive metadata elements. ii.     Rights M