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Life Changing Self Care Habits.

Self Care Habits That Can Change Your Life. 1. Read Everyday Research suggests that, Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health and those benefits can last a lifetime.         To develop a Reading habit; • Set a Goal  • Create a Reading list • Schedule a time for Reading  • Eliminate distractions • Keep a Reading Journal  2. Start your life Handbook Your Handbook is intended to be your guide to living. It should include anything and everything that is important to living our best lives. To fill in your handbook: • Your Life purpose, vision, mission  • Your values. Your strengths  • Your improvement areas • Your long-term and short-term life goals  3. Get out of your comfort Zone   Hard work and sweat ate required for true growth. Being too comfortable does not help you grow; rather it causes you to stagnate. • Face your fears • Get Out There • Learn new Skills • Travel to New places • Changes to Your Daily Routine  4. Physical Exercise   We stay fit by movi