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The Three Codes by Dr. Charles Awuzie

The Three Codes by Dr. Charles Awuzie This is an insight on basic life lessons. • Who You Marry • Who You Know  • What You Know  Who You Marry: When finding Who to Marry, don’t settle just because she/he satisfies you. Look for the seed of greatness, sound mind, good upbringing and potentials for growth. That what a wise person looks for in a spouse not just physical appearance. Who You Know: This is the Power of Networking. Your network will definitely affect your NETWORTH . It is not only about Who you know but who knows you as well. Find a way to make those you know to also know you. That’s how you get recommendations. What You Know: This is the ‘Code of Knowledge’ , This code attracts people to you because of your special abilities, gifts or skills. People will always dominate, Rule your world.