Here are 12 LAWS of KARMA that can guide ones life.

The Great Law.
This Law defines that whatever we put into the universe (thoughts, Actions) will come back to us.

The Law of Creation.
Life does not happen by itself, we need to make it Happen (take actions). Patel says, “you are a co-creator of making what you want, based on your intentions”.

The Law of Humility.
You should first accept somethings in order to evoke change because your present reality can be as a result of your past actions.

The Law of Growth.
Self Development is important and can not be overemphasised, when we change ourselves, our lives follow suit and change too.

The Law of Responsibility.
We must take Responsibility for what happens in our lives, our thoughts, feelings, choice of words, actions, circumstances, health, relationships, education, career, finances, behaviours, choices, impacts and our time.

The Law of Connection.
This Law gratifies the principle that everything in life is connected, the Past, the Present and the Future.

The Law of Focus.
This Law encourages you to concentrate on one things at a time. Putting your mind into many things at a time can bring Frustration or Confusion.

The Law of Giving and Hospitality.
Selflessness shows true intentions,  give to what you believe in. 

The Law of Present.
We cannot be live in the present, if we still hold unto the past.

The Law of Change.
History repeats itself, until we learn from it and change our path.

The Law of Patience and Reward.
Be consistent in your goals, and they will come to fruition. The most valuable rewards require persistence.

The Law of Significance and Inspiration.
Our Gifting are meant to be shared with the world and every contribution we make affects the world. We get Rewards from the energy and effort we put into something.

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