22 Facts Of Life To Set Yourself Ahead.
• Share your progress and not goals, this will keep you motivated.

• Stop comparing your life to someone else’s, instead create your own definition of success.

• Smile often. Smile so much that it puts others around you at ease, that way you spread positivity.

• Ideas mean nothing, execution is what matters most.

• Be selfish with your time, achieve the most with it.

• You grow rich when you seek new experiences, not material things.

• Learn to say NO sometimes, respect your Time and Energy.

• Know the difference between being patient and wasting your time.

• Have good and positive thoughts

• The greatest skill you can leverage is the power of FOCUSED ATTENTION, you can build this through daily meditation.

• You must believe in yourself before anyone else does. That’s the pillar of self-confidence.

• Be a good person, in your goodness influence others to be good.

• Be Curious, question things and if you need something ask for it.

• Consistency and intensity is key to success.

• You don’t only live once, you live multiple lives within one.

• Master your emotions. A calm mind can handle every storm.

• Don’t be lazy, Do the work. You won’t grow from easy.

• Money comes and money goes in life, but TIME moves in only one direction.

• Keep your Standards high and don’t settle for less, aspire for more.

• Never expect to get back what you give, or you will always be disappointed.

• The best revenge is no revenge, improve yourself and forget they exist.

• There’s a difference between being smart and getting good grades.

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