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Business Growth Tips For Enterprenuers.

BUSINESS GROWTH TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS. Starting and running a business requires good analytical skills, Discipline, and apt record-keeping. It is important to know the functionalities of your business the risk and rewards. Also, it is of importance to know your competition this will help you identify new market opportunities and improve on successful tactics. Working for yourself requires more sacrifices to ensure growth. Good services and products is important to gain customer loyalty. Dear Business owners, here are some business growth tips. 1. Keep Detailed Records Recording keeping is as important as making profit in business, by so doing you’d know the financial state of your business and difficulties that could arise. Having this knowledge gives headway to create strategies to overcome some business challenges. It is important to keep two kinds of records, one physical and one in the cloud. When your records are constantly uploaded and backed up, you no longer have t


1. Spark customers interest While marketing,  show enthusiasm and expertise. To make sales you have to keep the customers intrigued. Explain  severally how delightful the product or service is and why it is a great deal. People buy things by impulse not logic. 2. Convince the customer Have a connection with the customer. For a customer or client to purchase you have to convince them they really need the product or service. Sell the picture of a positive future to the customer with the product or service. 3. Understand your customer/ client The cardinal rule of sales is to always make it about your buyer. Every email you write, voicemail you leave, demo you give, and meeting you attend should place the focus squarely on the buyer. Constantly ask yourself, " What's the relevance to this particular prospect? " and customize each interaction accordingly. 4. Good pricing Online consumers have unlimited information at their fingertips, so they can easily d

Breaking Through Business In The Marketplace.

Excerpts from teachings of An African Business leader, TARA DUROTOYE the CEO House of Tara on 'Breaking through business in the marketplace'. The following below are functions to experience breakthrough in the marketplace. INSIGHT Preserve yourself and guard your heart and spirit so that you can bring out insight from the inside. Quieten the outside and shut off every noise. If you need to unfollow some people on social media, do so. If you need to leave some WhatsApp groups, then do by all means. The Bible says, 'guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life'. There is so much negativity around, so sometimes shutdown and seek insight from God. INNOVATE Innovate and invent. God is always doing new things, He gives ideas. Everything we do can be done faster and better without reducing quality, Everything can be done in a better manner, that's what Innovation is about. TAKE INITIATIVE  After engaging your mind, take initiative, i

5 Best Choices For Business Startups.

1.  Understand your market and brand. You need to understand your market/brand and be strategic about it. Understand the market or industry you are entering, the competition therein, government laws binding such industry, market environment, price and pricing, products or services, market distribution, and get first hand feedback from your customers or consumers. 2. Have a good Strategy. After you have understood your Market and brand,  You need a strategy for your business. Plan your marketing strategy, market penetration, pricing and distribution strategy, customer benefits or reward also taking advantage of competition. 3. Focus on customers and competitors. There should be focus on customers. Give them what they want in the way of pricing, delivery, customer service, and quality. More satisfied customers will mean more business. All of a sudden, it becomes the competition trying to figure out how to beat you and your business rather than you trying to figure out