Breaking Through Business In The Marketplace.

Excerpts from teachings of An African Business leader, TARA DUROTOYE the CEO House of Tara on 'Breaking through business in the marketplace'.
The following below are functions to experience breakthrough in the marketplace.

Preserve yourself and guard your heart and spirit so that you can bring out insight from the inside. Quieten the outside and shut off every noise.
If you need to unfollow some people on social media, do so. If you need to leave some WhatsApp groups, then do by all means.
The Bible says, 'guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life'. There is so much negativity around, so sometimes shutdown and seek insight from God.

Innovate and invent.
God is always doing new things, He gives ideas. Everything we do can be done faster and better without reducing quality, Everything can be done in a better manner, that's what Innovation is about.

After engaging your mind, take initiative, initiators act.
Meditate and in doing so be attentive to receive insights then move accordingly.

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