1. Good knowledge of money
Reading books and articles, or listening to a podcast to improve your handling of money, is a proactive approach that will give you an advantage over many of us. Multiple analyses of rich people have found that they value continued self-education and reading to learn more about the world. If it works for them, it could work for you.

2. You know how much you spend
keep track of your monthly spending, knowing how much money it takes to sustain your lifestyle is key. Without knowing how much money hits your bank account each month, how could you ever know how much is available to spend.

3. You can pay your bills continuously
You can afford your basic needs, housing utilities, food, transportation, health and any other important, recurring needs every month without going into debt, you're good with money. Once you have your immediate needs covered, you can turn your mind and your money to growing your wealth

4. Having emergency funds 
If you can afford not only your monthly necessities, but also have an emergency fund  without incurring any kind of debt you are good with money.

5. Savings
If you can cover your necessities, afford things you want but don't need, and stash away funds for the future you are good with money.
Living within your means is a critical part of staying in the black and growing your wealth.

6. Steady income flow
You need to know how much money enters your bank account monthly, after taxes and any other withdrawals from the paycheck.

7. You can afford some of your wants
If you can afford not only your monthly necessities, but also have the cash on hand to buy some of the things you want (think concert tickets, a trip to the beach, a bagel on the way to work when you have perfectly good meal at home) without incurring any kind of debt, you're ahead of the game.

8. You invest
Investing your money has the potential for growth far beyond what you would see in a traditional savings account.

9. You are making plans for your retirement
Saving for retirement can take a few different forms no matter how you choose to save, the best thing you can do is start early. It is prudent to start planning as early as age 30.

10. You are not in debt
Debts are in two categories, there's the good debt and there's the bad debt.
Good debts come from investing in your future, such as buying a house, taking a loan to start or advance a business, taking out loans for a college degree. While Bad debts, are debts taking for the wrong reasons which comes with typically high interest rates and don't help you build wealth or assets.


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