Intelligence helps us to acquire and apply knowledge to skills. Everyone has unique abilities, but here are different kinds of Intelligence humans possess. 
Read through, know yours and develop them.

1. VISUAL INTELLIGENCE: This kind of intelligence with the ability to visualise, remember details of images, interpret pictures, graphs or charts, these kind of individuals recognise patterns easily, they are always aware of their surroundings , they remember information by creating visual pictures, usually Artistic possessing a good sense of direction.

2. LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE: Individuals with Logical intelligence have the ability to think Logically, analyse, and excellently solve problems. Good mathematicians posses logical intelligence. Logical intelligent persons conduct scientific experiments , understand complex and abstract ideas and identify solutions of Logically problems.

3. LINGUISTIC INTELLIGENCE: This is the ability to understand and properly use spoken and written language. Effect expressions through spoken or written words. People with Linguistic intelligence remember written and verbal information, enjoy reading and writing, enjoy debates, are capable of explaining things in simpler forms and are very good story tellers.

4. KINAESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE: These are physically active individuals who enjoy Dancing and sports, their physical coordination is excellent, they enjoy learning through activities that require physical Mastery such as dance or other creative movements. They are skilled with using their body to interpret feelings and ideas. 
5. INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE: These are self smart individuals with the capacity to understand and explore their own feelings, motivations, goals and values with the ability to focus on managing their life. These are introverts as they enjoy spending alone time reflecting on their goals and accomplishments, planning their life, performing religious or spiritual practices and so on. Most of which are writers, philosophers, theology etc.
6. MUSICAL INTELLIGENCE: This functions as the ability to distinguish, transform and express sounds and music. Musical intelligent individuals create, communicate and understand meaning through sound. They are sensitive to melodies, rhythms, tones, musical instruments and the human voice. These individual are skillful in composing, performing, mixing and appreciating sounds and music. 
7. NATURALIST INTELLIGENCE: Naturalist Individuals appreciate nature and they are curious about living things on the planet, they are able to categorize, classify, study, explain, identify, connect and manipulate living things with nature (plants, animals, humans, etc).

8. EXISTENTIAL INTELLIGENCE: These individuals are life smart, they have the ability to use collective values and intuition to understand others and the world around them. They can also be referred to as spiritually sensitive, they are critical thinkers with ability to see beyond the physical senses, they are able to see the big picture, becoming existential intelligent, one must study views and history of the ancient and modern.
9. INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENC: This has the ability of a person to understand and relate effectively with people and keep relationships, such individuals are able to communicate with diverse people and understand them, they understand the mood, characteristics, emotions and intentions of those around them. This it involves effective verbal and verbal communication.

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